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• Corrosion Resistance – Average
• Mechanical Properties – Average
• Forgeability – Good
• Weldability – Limited
• Machinability – Average
AISI 405, WNR 1.4724, AFNOR Z13C13, DIN X10CrAlSi13
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Introduction :
0.2% Offset Yield Strength, Mpa
Ultimate Tensile Strength, Mpa
in forms :
Standard Available
Chemical Composition
Mechanical Properties
Hardness, Rockwell B
Reduction in Area, %
Elongation in 2 inches, %
• High temperature nozzles and jets
• High temperature conveyor systems
• Mechanical engineering
• Furnace engineering, grills
• Chains
Corrosion Resistance
• 4724 is resistant to oxidising sulphur bearing gases and displays somewhat less, but still good, resistance to sulphur bearing gasses in reducing environments.
• 4724 displays poor resistance to carburising gasses, and is also not resistant to high temperature nitriding, oxygen denuded gasses. This grade of steel is
resistant to scaling in air up to temperatures of 850 °C.
Heat Treatment
• Optimal material properties are released after annealing by holding in the temperature range 800 °C – 860 °C*, followed by rapid cooling in air or water.

The grade is characterized by:

  • Good resistance to reducing sulphurous gases
  • Good resistance to oxidation in air

This steel can be used at temperatures up to 850°C (1560°F). However, allowance should be made for the low creep strength at the highest temperatures to avoid distortion due to the inherent mass of the steel.


  • EN Number: 1.4724**
  • W.Nr.: 1.4724*
  • DIN: X10CrAl13*

Product standards

  • SEW 470
  • EN 10095**

* Obsolete. Replaced by EN.
** Heat resisting steels and nickel alloys. Technical delivery conditions for sheet/plate, strip, bars, rods and sections.

Chemical composition (nominal) %