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Alloy 800Incoloy 800N088001.48768.0
Alloy 800HIncoloy 800HN088101.48768.0
Alloy 800HTIncoloy 800HTN088111.48768.0
Alloy 825Incoloy 825N088252.48588.18

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INCONEL® nickel-chromium alloy 625 (UNS N06625/W.Nr. 2.4856) is used for its high strength, excellent fabricability (including joining), and out- standing corrosion resistance. Service temperatures range from cryogenic to 1800°F (982°C).

Can Inconel be welded?
Inconel filler metals produce a weld pool with a “skin” on the surface that canappear dirty to welders accustomed to steel. This is normal for Inconel. Thesewelds should be strong and highly resistant to corrosion when they are properly made. Weld Inconel with the TIG technique.

Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800H and 800HT, are all nickel-iron-chromium alloys, with similar basic composition. However, Incoloy 800 differs from the other two alloys, due to the higher level of carbon in alloy 800H, and the addition of up to 1.20% aluminum and titanium in alloy 800HT. The high nickel and chromium contents of Incoloy 800H, 800HT and 800 ensure excellent resistance to oxidation. Incoloy 800 is primarily used in applications with temperatures up to 1100° F, where alloys 800H and 800HT are normally used in temperatures above 1100° F where resistance to creep and rupture is required.

Incoloy 825 is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy, with addition of molybdenum and copper, exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance in both reducing and oxidizing media. Alloy 825 offers good mechanical properties at both room and elevated temperatures, up to approximately 550℃.

Alloy 800 HT/825 seamless pipes and tubing’s are available in both OD and NB sizes. In addition to standard sizes, which are available in stock, our specialty is to manufacture and supply custom size Alloy 800 HT/ 825 cold drawn seamless tubing’s from our factory.

At Dinesh Tube India we can offer Nickel Alloy 800 HT/ 825 Tubing in random lengths of up to 6 meters long or cut to a specific length as ordered. Incoloy pipes and tubes are largely used for piping process systems.

Specifications for Incoloy Alloy 800HT/825 Seamless  Pipes, Alloy 800HT/825 Tubing’s, UNS N08800, UNS N08825

Seamless Pipe / TubingWelded Pipe / Tubing
Incoloy 800ASTM B 407 / 163ASTM B 514 / 515
ASME SB 407 / 163ASME SB 514 / 515
Incoloy 800HASTM B 407 / 163ASTM B 514 / 515
ASME SB 407 / 163ASME SB 514 / 515
Incoloy 800HTASTM B 407 / 163ASTM B 514 / 515
ASME B 407 / 163ASME SB 514 / 515
Incoloy 825ASTM B 423 / 163ASTM B 705 / 704
ASME SB 423 / 163ASME SB 705 / 704
InchMMInchMMFt max.Mt max.
Alloy 800HT/825 Tube1/2’’-3’’12.0-76.20.02’’-0.5’’0.5-12.0105’32.00
Alloy 800HT/825 PipeNPS1/2’’-6’’21.34-168.3Sch10-Sch802.11-12.798’30.00

Incoloy Alloy 800HT/825 Seamless  Pipes, Alloy 800HT/825 Tubing’s, UNS N08800, UNS N08825 Chemical Composition %

Alloy 825NiFeCrMbCuTiCMnSSiAl
38.0-46.022.0 min19.5-23.52.5-3.51.5-3.0.6-1.20.05 max1.0 max0.03 max0.5 max0.2 max
Alloy 800NiFeCrCuTiAlCMnSSi
30.0-35.039.5 min19.0-23.0.75 max.15-.60.15-.60.1 max1.5 max.015 max1.0 max
Alloy 800HNiFeCrCuTiAlCMnSSi
30.0-35.039.5 min19.0-23.0.75 max.15-.60.15-.60.05-.10 max1.5 max.015 max1.0 max
Alloy 800HTNiFeCrCuTiAlCMnSSi
30.0-35.039.5 min19.0-23.0.75 max.25-.60.85-1.20.06-.10 max1.5 max.015 max1.0 max

Incoloy Alloy 800HT/825 Welded  Pipes, Alloy 800HT/825 Tubing’s, UNS N08800, UNS N08825 Mechanical Properties

Density7.94 g/cm37.94 g/cm37.94 g/cm38.1 g/cm³
Melting Range,℃1350-1400 ℃1350-1400 ℃1350-1400 ℃1370-1400
Elongation %30-3530-3530-3530
Tensile strength – Mpa500500500550
Yield strength – Mpa205200200220
Brinell hardness (HB)≤200

Typical Applications of Incoloy Alloy 800HT/825 Seamless  Pipes, Alloy 800HT/825 Tubing’s, UNS N08800, UNS N08825 :

Incoloy super alloys such as Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800H, Incoloy 800HT and Incoloy 825 are widely used by the industrial furnaces, chemical processing, pulp and paper, nuclear engineering, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and heaters in power plants.